Style Statement or Show-Off

The race to win over others with a unique style statement has reached an all newlevel with advancement in technology and awareness of uncountable resources. In order to cope up with fashion in vogue, people go an extra mile to be called ‘stylish’ and this craze sometimes provokes people to show-off even when not required or not suitable.

To carry oneself with confidence is style; to exaggerate oneself with overconfidence is show-off. Making your presence felt wherever you go and leaving a mark with your style statement is not a hard nut to crack if you know the right style for yourself. Be it your hairdo, make-up, attires, footwear, shades or anything that you wear, a small bit of creativity with the way you carry it can make you stand out of the crowd any day. However, a small flaw on the other side can raise a lot of questions within in no time. Such flaw can easily be avoided if you prefer avoiding show-off and prioritize your style accordingly.

Eventually, it is a make or break situation in real life wherein an exemplary style statement can make you while an unexpected show-off can break you.