Pageant With A Purpose – Justified to the core of it

Beauty Pageants provide a lot of exposure and learning to the participants and the viewers. These are considered to be the starting steps towards the widespread industries of film, fashion and modeling in various assignments. One such beauty pageant emerged in 2016 and made its spot on top within a few years – The Managers Network MISS PUNJAB Pageant With A Purpose. Contrary to most of the pageants being organized in Punjab, The Managers Network Miss Punjab came up with an out of the box concept for the state-held beauty contests, putting extremely less restrictions leading to better opportunities for the candidates. With a vision to groom the girls according to national and international platforms, Miss Punjab grabbed attention of all sorts of budding talent and also of renowned personalities of fashion, film and music industry here. The winners of Miss Punjab have consistently participated in Femina Miss India and have secured their place in Top 3 winners of Punjab every year.

Runner-Ups, Finalists and participants have been provided with multiple opportunities assisting them in achieving their goals and exceeding in life with a sense of contentment. This pageant was initiated with a purpose to provide platform to enthusiastic girls of Punjab willing to go beyond the regional restrictions and make a name for their family and state, which seems to be fulfilled quite well with winners and finalists shining everywhere they go.

For all the modern-day fashion divas along with those who believe in simplicity, The Managers Network Miss Punjab is truly a blessing; the eternal purpose of this annual beauty pageant is not hidden at all now after 3 successful years of its completion with totally unbiased proceedings from auditions till the grand finale.