Pageant With A Purpose – Justified to the core of it

Beauty Pageants provide a lot of exposure and learning to the participants and the viewers. These are considered to be the starting steps towards the widespread industries of film, fashion and modeling in various assignments. One such beauty pageant emerged in 2016 and made its spot on top within a few years – The Managers Network MISS PUNJAB Pageant With A Purpose. Contrary to most of the pageants being organized in Punjab, The Managers Network Miss Punjab came up with an out of the box concept for the state-held beauty contests, putting extremely less restrictions leading to better opportunities for the candidates. With a vision to groom the girls according to national and international platforms, Miss Punjab grabbed attention of all sorts of budding talent and also of renowned personalities of fashion, film and music industry here. The winners of Miss Punjab have consistently participated in Femina Miss India and have secured their place in Top 3 winners of Punjab every year.

Runner-Ups, Finalists and participants have been provided with multiple opportunities assisting them in achieving their goals and exceeding in life with a sense of contentment. This pageant was initiated with a purpose to provide platform to enthusiastic girls of Punjab willing to go beyond the regional restrictions and make a name for their family and state, which seems to be fulfilled quite well with winners and finalists shining everywhere they go.

For all the modern-day fashion divas along with those who believe in simplicity, The Managers Network Miss Punjab is truly a blessing; the eternal purpose of this annual beauty pageant is not hidden at all now after 3 successful years of its completion with totally unbiased proceedings from auditions till the grand finale.

‘Passion of being a Model’ versus ‘Education’

Out of all the changes that have taken place in recent years, the most prominent one is the choice of work by the youngsters while choosing their graduation streams or after they complete their education. Earlier, there was not much to discuss once you got admission in a medical or engineering college. However, nowadays, the educational restrictions stand no more as the creativity of youth has no barriers. One such creative and the unique choice is modeling, and the reason for the growth in this interest is more awareness and resources for the same.

Be it, boys or girls, the modeling opportunities have grown for both in recent past considering more efforts on an advertisement by all sorts of brands. While studying or while working, ramp modeling and brand shoots provide an extra helping hand to young boys and girls to perform as models and earn a handsome amount along with fulfilling their passion. Beauty Pageants play a crucial role in the grooming of such youngsters providing them real-time exposure of actual demand of fashion industry, provided you choose the right pageant that is not biased towards anyone in any possible way. For instance, The Managers Network Miss Punjab is a popular beauty pageant organized in Punjab that follows a crystal-clear procedure of selection leaving no doubts whatsoever on its operations and strategies; the results speak for themselves as the winners of Miss Punjab have made their presence felt strongly in Femina Miss India 2017 and 2018.

For those who think modeling is just a piece of cake, consider all the time and efforts invested in building and maintaining the desired body structure along with the perfection of poses and expressions. Education is obviously a priority for one and all, but for those opting for modeling and fulfilling their passion, it is not a hard nut to crack and such efforts require extra appreciation and motivation to achieve the desired goals.

Fashion Freaks

Fashion has different meanings for different people. Everyone comes up nowadays with something unique and if the same is loved by the others, it becomes a trend. Although the term “fashion” has some specific meanings and definitions, but the term has crossed all boundaries with time leaving no restrictions to the kind of things people do to call themselves Trendsetters.

Being out of fashion is not an option in this era of cut-throat competition, but following the ongoing trends is not a piece of cake either. Hairstyles, beard, mustaches, clothes, accessories, footwear, there is not even a single thing wherein there is no competition; brands make sure they follow the designs in vogue and further, the Fashion Freaks out there make sure to adapt to such latest trends.

Youngsters have tons of resources these days to explore and choose the best stuff suitable for them, there are multiple shopping websites available and the online discount helps further to purchase trendy stuff at reasonable prices. Fashion Bloggers further make it easy on social media to style up in various ways. Running behind the ongoing fashion, or creating one of your own – seems like a never-ending race with unexpected and unpredictable outcomes each day.

All in all, the Fashion Freaks of the current era seem to be extremely busy creating a buzz about their creativity while their followers seem to be equally involved in spreading the creations further.

Rhythm Singh Randhawa – Miss Punjab 2017

We come across a variety of people every day, some prefer to go with the flow not trying anything different than their usual routine practices whereas some are keen to achieve their goals by experimenting new stuff every day. One of such multi-talented career-oriented persons participated in “Nanak Jewellers Patiala Presents MISS PUNJAB 2017 Powered by Roopan Grewal’s Stitchcraft” with a clear vision of trying something out of the box and gaining the most out of it. She never knew she would return with the winner’s tiara. Yes, Rhythm Singh Randhawa rocked the ramp and didn’t leave any stone unturned to emerge as Miss Punjab 2017 Winner.

Rhythm Singh Randhawa, 6 feet 1 inch tall and a student of Masters in Public Administration at Panjab University, Chandigarh, is a woman of multiple passions. She is an active member of her band by the name of RAYA wherein she plays the role of a drummer. Her dancing skills cannot be overlooked at all; the moment she presents her dance performance anywhere, people are left awestruck and amazed at her moves and timing. What’s even more interesting is that she is quite regular with her sports as well; she is an athlete, a shot-put thrower and a Black-Belt holder Taekwondo player too. The list of her talents doesn’t end here; her sketches are remarkable, she is an extremely good cook and loves gardening too. And while she fulfils all her desires for different passions, she is on top in academics as well. God knows how she copes with her studies in the best possible way while participating in uncountable co-curricular activities! A resident of Mohali, Rhythm participated in Chandigarh Auditions for Miss Punjab 2017 and competed against approximately 40 contestants where she was selected for the Semi-Finals. The competition got tougher in the Semi-Finals where talent round was added along with walk and question-answer rounds.

Her overall performance was loved by the judges and she secured enough scores to qualify for the Grand Finale. During the grooming sessions, Rhythm prepared according to the need of the hour and transformed her sporty self into a gorgeous model who walked the ramp like a boss during the Grand Finale. Out of 30 Finalists, she was selected in the Top 10 and then she made her way to the Top 5 too being judged by reputed designers and artists. Thereon, she didn’t miss on anything at all and won the most awaited crown – the crown of the Winner of Miss Punjab 2017.
Her name remains in the limelight for all the good reasons wherever she goes and whatever she does. Next, she is all set to participate in National Level Pageants and bring more laurels. Team of The Managers Network is also working on exploring suitable platforms for her in Fashion, Music and Film Industry. With high hopes from this ever-enthusiastic and charming personality,

Hashneen – Miss Punjab 2017 First Runner Up

It’s not just about what you do, it’s more about how you do. Yes, the present generation knows multiple ways of succeeding in their life, mainly because of the growing resources and availability of each necessity at their doorstep. One such intelligent girl, Hashneen Chauhan, participated in “Nanak Jewellers Patiala Presents MISS PUNJAB 2017 Powered By Roopan Grewal’s Stitchcraft” and won the title of First Runner-Up after a close fight with her rivals.

Hashneen, a student of MA English in Panjab University, Chandigarh, is a youngster full of energy and positive vibes. Basically, from Patiala, she owns a unique style and a pretty smile, which along with her royal outlook can attract and win over the best ones around. Hashneen has a soft corner for social work and can’t resist helping out anyone in need. She is associated with NGOs too and tries her best to lend a helping hand wherever possible. Apart from it, she is a theater artist and an amazing actress. Her extraordinary acting, combined with her dancing skills and her tall confident personality makes her a perfect person for any kind of on-screen project. She has already worked for a documentary which is into its post-production phase. Earlier, she was crowned as the Second Runner-Up of Miss North India 2015.

Hashneen appeared for the auditions of Miss Punjab 2017 at the Chandigarh Auditions held at Panjab University, Chandigarh on 2nd August where judges were quite impressed with her on-stage confidence. She cleared the auditions and did extremely well in the Semi-Finals held at Patiala. Her performance left no doubt for the judges to shortlist her for the Grand Finale. She utilized her confidence and beauty as required and worked extremely hard during the grooming days to improvise as much as possible. The Grand Finale witnessed Hashneen in one of her best forms as she didn’t lose her confidence at any point and stuck close to perfection throughout the event. Her selection into Top 10, and then to Top 5 Finalists raised her expectations to win the tiara of Miss Punjab 2017. However, a small blunder in her final answer brought her scores down by a small margin, but she still managed to bag the position of
First Runner-Up and was quite satisfied with the results.

Hashneen is all geared-up to establish herself as a successful actress. Her faith in her dedication and efforts will definitely take her a long way. We hope to see her on screen in near future and wish her luck for all her tasks ahead.

Harmanpreet Sohal – Miss Punjab 2017 Second Runner Up

As we grow in age and get mature with time, we start realizing our aim and initiate our efforts to achieve the same. Once we enter a particular profession and establish ourselves to some extent, rarely do we think of trying something out of the box; we stick to the usual plans to excel further. However, that is not the case with Harmanpreet Kaur – Second Runner-Up of “Nanak Jewellers Patiala Presents MISS PUNJAB 2017 Powered By Roopan Grewal’s Stitchcraft”. Being a professional model and a part of multiple brands and album shoots, it seems she doesn’t need any more titles with her name but she prefers to gain out of every opportunity in life because of which she participated in Miss Punjab 2017 and utilized all her experience to be on top.

Harmanpreet Kaur, originally from Mohali, is based in Mumbai and works as a freelance model. Popularly known as Heera, she started her career quite early along with her studies. Her first break in the Punjabi music industry was with renowned singer and music producer Bhinda Aujla. Apart from her passion for being a famous model and actress, she loves to spend time with her family and assists her mother in the business of designer clothes. Her goals also include establishing her own brand in the field of fashion designing. Her way of interacting, confident body language, beautiful smile, and a very well-maintained body structure makes her stand apart and she works hard for self-improvisation by being regular to the gym and also taking grooming and acting classes at times.

Harmanpreet participated in Miss Punjab 2017 in the Jalandhar Auditions at HMV College, Jalandhar where she was judged on the basis of ramp confidence, walk, eye-contact, the relevance of answers to the questions asked and her communication skills. As soon as she got the news of being shortlisted for the Semi-Finals along with the venue and dates, she re-scheduled everything accordingly in order to prepare herself to clear the Semi-Finals too. Her walk and communication rounds went well after which her dance performance mesmerized the judges and the audience. Her selection for the Grand Finale was thus decided by the judges. Her journey in Miss Punjab 2017 continued smoothly as she was sure of not returning empty-handed. During her introduction round in the Grand Finale, she fumbled and paused and lost her momentum for a moment leading to a downfall in her scores. However, she gathered herself back and concluded her round in a beautiful manner and thus secured a place in the Top 10 Finalists. Thereon, she moved on into the Top 5 Finalists where she was considered as a strong contender for the Winner’s tiara. Yet again, her answer was not up to the mark for being the winner, but it was relevant enough for her to be crowned as the Second Runner-Up of Miss Punjab 2017.

Harman has moved back to Mumbai for her lined-up projects and talks are up for her roles in upcoming projects in Punjabi Music and Film Industry as well. May she rise and shine as bright as she could, and may she achieve all her dreams in near future, for such hard-working youngsters do not deserve to stay back in life.